Teaching and education

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A pupil who has moved to another municipality can apply for the possibility to continue at their former school as a secondary applicant. A pupil who changes municipalities of residence has the right to continue at the same school until the end of the school year at schools in Helsinki and Vantaa. In Kauniainen, the right to continue at the same school continues until the last grade of the pupil’s current level of education.

Having completed basic education, young people residing in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area can apply to upper secondary education across municipal borders.

The cities in the area offer native language teaching for immigrants in more than 40 languages. If a pupil’s native language is not taught in the municipality of residence, the pupil will be provided with the opportunity to study the language in another municipality in the area.

Studyinfo.fi is the official and up-to-date website with all the information about study programmes leading to a degree in Finland.
[Finnish National Board of Education]

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is one of the most international universities of applied sciences in Finland. Metropolia has 16 premises in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa and 15 international degree programmes in which the language of instruction is English.

Adult education

Ilmonet.fi is a Internet based course registration portal shared by the Helsinki Metropolitan Area adult education centres. You can search for available courses in different ways on Ilmonet and enrol yourself on a course.

Helsinki Summer University offers a wide variety of Finnish courses for foreigners, language courses by native speakers, university level courses and further education courses in various fields of human activity concerned with communication, human motivation, teaching and training, international relationships and self-development.
[Helsinki Summer University]

Finnishcourses.fi provides information on Finnish and Swedish language courses for adults.

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